Audi A8 Siap Kalahkan BMW Seri S Class

Well, today we can get the best information from new Audi A8 that shows their new car which Audi A8. This car is amazing and so modern because the technology that have been input in this car is the best. The fourth generation Eudi A8 slid with design and character that changed drastically. Audi really very seriously challenged the rivals in the class kind of BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, to Lexus LS. A8 is built on an evolved MLB platfom, just like the one used by SQ7. Audi claims that the A8 will be the first production series of street cars developed as "highly automated driving", indicating that the German manufacturer was seriously entering the semi autonomos world.

The highlight of its interesting feature is the Pilot Traffic Jam option. This system uses 41 kinds of assistant functions for the driver, which can take over the ride at a standstill, or drive up to 50 kph. The system was assisted by various devices such as cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors. The A8 has code name D5, following the new design language. At a glance, the designers pinch the aura of the concept of Audi Prologue, including on the grille, body line, until the flame rear lights are very futuristic, OLED technology. The use of aluminum more and more, claimed to reach 58 percent overall. Elements on the body also uses steel, magnesium, and carbon fiber. Inside, Audi adopts a contemporary clean feel on the dashboard with a multifunctional steering wheel and touch controls on the panel. The Multi-Media Interface (MMI) system is improved, featuring two separate screens, each measuring 10.1 inches and 8.6 inches.

There are two choices of turbocharged V6 engine. First, the 3,000 cc TFSI gasoline engine powered 339 tk, and another 3,000 cc diesel-powered 271 tk. Both are coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The machine was collaborated with a 48 V electric system, running a mild hybrid fugsi. The choice of large engine is 6,000 cc W12 petrol with power of 593 tk The A8 also has an active suspension, similar to the Magic Body Control system on the S-Class. This system uses a camera on the glass that is able to analyze 18 times per second, in order to adjust the reflection and comfort level on the suspension character. Together with Traffic Jam Pilot, another sophisticated device is a Remote Parking Pilot and Remote Garage Pilot, which can be operated via a smart phone. Audi A8 4th generation saloon will show the tajinya on July 11 next at the Audi Summit Barcelona.

As reported by carscoops.com, after the Audi Summit official launch on the public will be held at the Frankfurt Motor Show September 2017. This latest model certainly looks more handsome than the previous generation because it was built using the latest Evo MLB chassis. In addition to a more attractive shape, of course Audi A8 will have a lighter weight than its predecessor. Speaking of feature issues, this car is certainly endowed with many advanced features, and one of them is Updated Updated Version of the Traffic Jam Assist. As for the kitchen runway, Audi will be equipped with a variety of engine options.

Namely 4000 cc V8 petrol engine, powered 460 dk, and 538 cc W12 gasoline engine powered 565 dk. While diesel, Audi offers 3 engine options namely 3,000 cc TDI V6-powered 272 dk, 4,000 cc TDI V8-powered 408 dk, and 5,000 cc TDI V10-powered 500 dk. The news circulated, competitors from Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series will be distributed to the European region dealers by the end of 2017. Audi is preparing the latest variant of the A8. Mid-Sedan size car is projected to compete with Mercedes-Maybach. "We are thinking about it, the success of the S-Class long version makes us think that there is a market in that segment in the future," explained Stefan Audi Technical Head, Knirsch, as quoted from Autoblog.

Currently A8 is available in both standard and long wheelbase variants. While Mercedes-Benz has presented variants Maybach and Pullman is designed more qualified than the standard S-Class. The manufacturer of the ring logo associated plans to present mid-size A8 size in 2017. Will it go to Indonesia considering Mercedes-Maybach already sold here? If so, it means that the national market is being a target of luxury car manufacturers from Europe. Audi Summit from day to day closer course, the event will be held in Barcelona, Spain less than a week ahead. For that Audi decided to provide a clearer picture to the public related to the latest flagship model of his A8. This is done by issuing an official teaser that shows the silhouette of the car that will become rivals of the Mercedes Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series.

It looks like Audi looks smart to find a gap for the A8 to attract more public attention. This certainly can not be separated from the design that brought and as a result A8 also appeared like a movie star. To note, this car will be in the movie Spider Man: Homecoming and has been seen several times in the video teaser. The problem in the homemade teaser Audi A8 looks more tempting, especially because the line profile on the front and rear body combined with LED light lines. The design that he carries also looks sharper than the previous model. This is certainly so interesting and makes anyone who watched Audis Audi teaser is an impatient waiting for his presence.

Reportedly A8 will present a choice of mild hybrid engine with a 48 volt electric motor. This variant is mentioned can consume fuel up to 0.7 liters per 100 km or equivalent to 147 kpl range. The latest Audi A8 also has its own parking capability because it uses AI Remote Parking Pilot. Looking at the preview done by Audi, A8 will also come with a back seat that is equipped with foot massage technology. This would be the main attraction because it will make passengers in it more comfortable.